Contaminated Adjacent Properties

Contaminated adjacent properties are able to contaminate other nearby properties. Contamination can spread via soil, water and simply by walking from one place to the other. As such when a nearby property is contaminated it needs to be cleaned up as swiftly as possible to avoid spreading the contamination.



Seemingly innocuous neighboring properties may represent a major environmental concern to your property. Can you identify the environmental concern posed by this adjacent property?

A contaminated property is not just an environmental risk to that specific property but also to adjacent properties. Contamination is dangerous because it can spread and damage a much larger area than the localized area it was released in. Contamination can spread many different ways and as such can spread quite easily quite quickly. If a property is located up gradient and is contaminated it is very easy for the contamination to spread via water or soil movement to the down gradient properties. When this happens it is not the fault of the newly contaminated properties but where the contamination originated from. That property and its owners are responsible for the cleanup of all areas contaminated from the original problem.