Environmental Database Review

Federated Environmental offers as a low cost option Environmental Database Reviews as a limited first step in your environmental due diligence process. Although Environmental Database Reviews may be completed on any property type, Environmental Database Reviews are typically used on perceived low environmental risk properties which do not currently use hazardous substances and are not believed to have used hazardous substances in the past.


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Somewhere near your property an environmental problem property may be lurking. Using an Environmental Database Review, Federated Environmental can locate and identify environmental problem properties.

The Environmental Database Review scope of work includes development and professional review of publicly available, regulatory agency information maintained by federal, state, and local government agencies.  The data is typically developed and evaluated in the form of lists and include a wide variety of information including records of known or potentially contaminated and/or known contaminated sites, landfills, and other disposal sites, and underground storage tank records for both leaking and registered USTs.

Federated Environmental provides the environmental status of a subject property
and supports your environmental due diligence process by evaluating the risks
associated with acquiring or assuming a security interest in a property. Depending
upon applicable federal and state regulations, the environmental cleanup costs could
significantly impact the value of your security interest or the uses of the subject property.

As an approved environmental consultant with almost all of the major financial institutions as well as a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) preferred contractor, Federated Environmental implements various levels of environmental due diligence studies and environmental reviews for properties under consideration by public and private financial institutions for real estate transfer and financial transactions. Federated Environmental ably performs Environmental Database Review reports for real estate transactions nationally.

Environmental Database Lists Reviewed in Environmental Database Review (Partial)

Federal National Priorities List (NPL) Sites

Delisted Federal National Priorities List (NPL) Sites

Federal CERCLIS (Superfund Sites)

Federal CERCLIS NFRAP Sites (Closed Superfund Sites)

Federal RCRA CORRACTS Facilities List

Federal RCRA Non-CORRACTS TSD Facilities List (Transport. Storage, and Disposal Sites)

Federal RCRA Generators List

Federal Institutional Controls/Engineering Controls Registries

Federal ERNS List (Emergency Response Notification System)

State and Tribal-Equivalent CERCLIS List

State and Tribal Landfill and/or Solid Waste Disposal Site List

State and Tribal Registered Storage Tanks Lists

State and Tribal Leaking Storage Tank Lists

State and Tribal Institutional Control/Engineering Control Registries

State and Tribal Voluntary Cleanup Sites