Non-Hazardous Solid Wastes and Debris

Non-hazardous solid waste and debris are any waste or debris that will not contaminate a property but do take up a space. Examples of non-hazardous solid waste and debris include; desks, chairs, sheet metals, PVC pipes, and papers.

Brunswick GA Debris


It’s remarkable how much it costs nowadays just to get rid of junk. Ask your environmental professional to look for solid waste and debris piles too.

Non-hazardous solid waste and debris do not represent a direct threat to the environment.  They do however provide an indirect threat. If left unattended the materials can be used as homes for insects and animals that can spread disease. Rats are a prime example of an animal that can spread disease and cause outbreaks in human populations. If given a place to live such as in old desks or under stacks of sheet metal the rodents can breed and spread rapidly. Cockroaches are another great example of an indirect threat posed by non-hazardous solid waste or debris.  Additionally non-hazardous solid waste and debris do not allow for new uses for a subject property until they are cleared.