Fill Soils Originating Off-Site

Fill soils originating off-site are brought in to level or fill a depression in a property in order to create the proper foundation or aesthetic landscape the property owner desires. Fill soils can be brought in from great distances and may not always be clean or devoid of plant material.




An unattended commercial lot with a “Fill Dirt Wanted” sign is an invitation for a “special contaminated delivery.” Document the origin of all fill used on your new construction projects.

Fill soils that originate off-site may in fact be contaminated. If fill soil is brought in the person who owns the property should have the soil checked and documentation as to where the soil originated. Bringing in contaminated soil and spreading it around will spread contamination to the whole property and could spread to nearby properties as well. Soils can be contaminated with many things depending on where they originated. If the soil is brought in from an old farm the soil may be contaminated with farm waste or manure nutrients or even oil from farm equipment. Fill soils originating from off-site may lead to contamination of the current site and then nearby properties.