Pesticide and Herbicide Storage and Use

Pesticides and herbicides are use to eliminate unwanted animals and plants. They can be harmful to humans as well since they are toxins. The proper storage and use of the pesticides and herbicides is vital to the preservation of the environment. Misuse or improper storage can cause contamination.



Pesticides banned out of production over 30-years ago are commonly found in near surface soils today. Did your property ever have an agricultural use? State regulatory agencies have guidelines for how much Is “acceptable” in soils and groundwater.

Pesticides and herbicides should be stored in appropriate containers in areas where even if spilled cannot leech into the soil or the water. Additionally pesticides and herbicides should only be used as directed to prevent the buildup of dangerous concentrations. If used improperly the excess can runoff into the water, leech into the soil or even the groundwater. These toxins can then become ingested and cause discomfort, sickness or even death to people. These toxins can also damage plants and animals in the ecosystem. If enough of the plants and animals are disrupted it can cause irreversible harm to the whole ecosystem. DDT is a prime example of the misuse of a pesticide that very nearly wiped out the Bald Eagle.